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Whether you require a fully-featured motor control solution or a simple motor starter, AuCom has a product to suit. We cater for a range of user abilities and feature sets. Your AuCom sales engineer's experience in a wide range of applications plus their motor control expertise will lead to your Ideal AuCom Solution.

Beyond the solution, your sales engineer will also share their experience in many other projects similar to your own, to provide recommendations to maximise efficiency and deliver tangible results.

  • Medium voltage soft starters
    • MVX - The safest and smallest MV soft starter in the world, featuring arc fault resistance (up to 15 kV)
    • MVS - An integrated solution for motor protection and control (up to 13.8 kV)
  • Low voltage soft starters
    • CSX - Reliable, easy to use soft starters for motors, suitable for existing motor control systems (up to 575 VAC)
    • CSXi - Compact, small-sized soft starters offering a motor starting and motor protection solution (up to 575 VAC)
    • IMS2 - A comprehensive motor protection and control system, configured to suit requirements (up to 690 VAC)
    • EMX3 - Utilises adaptive acceleration control technology to offer greater control over motor profiles.
  • Medium voltage switchgear and motor control centres
  • Soft starter communication options
    • Modbus
    • Profibus
    • DeviceNet

AuCom products are available worldwide through our authorised soft starter distributors, or please contact us directly with your specific requirements for advice on the best solution for your needs.