MVS: Ideal Applications

    Oil and Gas

    MVS soft starters are perfect for the control of liquid and gas pumping. As well as the standard MVS soft starters, AuCom also has a range of arc proof panel systems for your consideration.

    Water and wastewater

    Water hammer is solved using the MVS soft starter, as well as stopping pumps without causing damage to pipework, check valves and other equipment. AuCom soft starters are able to offer a variety of protections as well as starting and stopping functions.


    The MVS is the ideal starting solution for large vessels with limited generator set supplies. Fibre-optic interfacing between the MV and LV sections improves operator safety, and air insulation ensures long-term reliable operation.


    In the heavy-duty world of mining, soft starters can make a huge difference to the operating life of your equipment. From crushers and mills to conveyors and pumps, AuCom soft starters have helped improve production efficiencies at mining facilities throughout the world. The MVS has been designed for maximum safety and reliability, with features such as air insulation and fibre-optic cabling, and individually retractable phase arms to simplify product maintenance.