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Established in 1968, NHP has established itself as one of Australasia’s top electrical engineering providers. It has grown to a team of more than 800 people, spread across 49 locations.

NHP has built its competitive advantage around two key strategies: providing the best possible products in the world that suit Australian industrial conditions, and backing those products with outstanding service. The company’s core promise is that “we’re easy to do business with”.

Providing everything from plugs and sockets through to sophisticated automation solutions, NHP boasts a product line of 70,000 items from 50 different suppliers. These suppliers include the world’s premier electrical brands.

In many ways NHP are the ideal partner, says AuCom CEO Brent Archer. “They understand how to position soft starters into their client projects, and have the expertise and capability to deliver an excellent customer experience.”

Why have NHP chosen to work with AuCom since 1989?

Customer relationships are what NHP’s success has been built on. AuCom helps ensure that those relationships are protected and enhanced when their soft starter product range is sold.

While the features, reliability and pricing of AuCom products are all critical to NHP building successful customer relationships, it is AuCom’s focus on providing the right level of support to NHP that makes the difference. “We get on really well with the people at AuCom - they’re very supportive of us. Their technical knowledge and the way they go about fixing issues is very good. I would certainly rank them in our top suppliers” says Stephen Turner, product marketing manager of motor protection and control at NHP.

For NHP, AuCom are an extension of their promise of being “easy to do business with”.

An exciting future

“Our relationship with AuCom has raised us to being what we consider the market leader for motor control products in Australia. I look forward to what it will bring in the future,” says Stephen Turner.

For AuCom that future will include a continued focus on achieving the best experience for NHP’s customers, as well as innovating and seeking to stay at the forefront of soft starter technology, says Brent Archer.

“Not only does NHP share AuCom’s drive for motor control, they share our passion for delivering a complete solution that meets the unique needs of every customer. These common values brought NHP and AuCom together more than 25 years ago and have remained the foundation of a strong relationship ever since”, Brent says.

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