Soft Starters for the Water & Wastewater Industries

Water & Wastewater

Many applications within the water & wastewater industry can benefit from the use of a soft starter, from pumps and separators to aerators and milliscreens.

Correct application of a soft start solution can protect equipment, maximise productivity, and provide intelligent control over an entire system. Soft stop functionality prevents water hammer, prolonging the life of pumps, pipes, valves and headworks, while gentle acceleration reduces mechanical stress on a system during start.

You can find more detail concerning the benefits of soft start for water utility and water treatment applications here:

Product Spotlight

EMX3 Low Voltage Soft Starter

EMX3 Soft Starter

The revolutionary XLR-8 technology in AuCom's EMX3 soft starter incorporates a range of adaptive acceleration and deceleration profiles to eliminate water hammer, extending the life of your pumping system and protecting your investment. Find out more.


Industry Case Studies

Panama Canal Extension

In 2016 the largest expansion of the trade route since its original construction was completed. AuCom distributer in the region, El Salvador-based Industrial Systems, has played a role in making the huge project happen.

Industrial Systems worked with fellow-Panamanian company Electrisa to supply EMX3-360 and EMX3-255 soft starters to operate on the excavation sites, which were operating at high capacity in challenging climatic conditions. Read more

Ankara emergency water supply

AuCom helped progress the emergency water supply for Turkey’s capital city, Ankara by providing a soft starter solution in less than a third the normal manufacturing time. AuCom supplied 60 medium voltage soft starters to ensure a secure and reliable pumping solution to each of the five pump stations along the 130 kilometre pipeline. Read more

Sewage pumping in South Africa

Johnny Meerholz, Electrical Supervisor for Mossel Bay Municipality (MBM), worked with CHI Control's Western Cape Branch Manager, Kevin Russell, to install over 100 IMS2 starters in 60 different clean water and sewerage pumping stations in South Africa. Read more


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