Projects: Commissioning

Site Survey

During the design phase, we can provide guidance to insure proper installation of the equipment. One of our sales engineers can visit your project site and complete a site survey.


We want your start up to go smoothly and without issues, so AuCom offers on-site commissioning support. We can direct commissioning of your project with a visit from experienced and qualified AuCom Engineers. Our team has experience in both applications and motor starting to ensure a successful commissioning. This service is normally agreed as part of the supply agreement or can be quoted separately.

Commissioning Process

AuCom will:

  • Inspect the site to ensure that installers have wired and set up the motor starting equipment correctly
  • Check motor starter inputs and outputs
  • Perform low voltage simulation (where appropriate)
  • Provide a written commissioning report (including original parameter settings).
  • Provide maintenance and operator staff training
  • Other services as required may be requested and quoted by AuCom

Preventative Maintenance

Included with your product documentation, AuCom will provide a maintenance schedule that identifies key activities to maintain and extend product life.


AuCom can also provide retrofit services for existing equipment. Whether it be replacing old, non-functioning soft starters or upgrading DOL starters to soft start technology, we can do it. Just let us know what you need.