EMX3 heavy duty, NEMA3R soft starter performs in the sand

Posted by AuCom on 4/27/16 8:48 AM

Application: Log Washer at a sand plant in Kansas

Issue: Soft power line, unable to start the motor across-the-line

The AuCom EMX3 Heavy Duty, Nema 3R enclosed soft starter is designed for use in the most challenging aggregate industry applications...whether it is a crusher, a conveyor, a pump, a log washer, or any other motor driven equipment. These units are built to weather the conditions and are service entrance rated for easy installation.

In this application, the AuCom EMX3 soft starter allowed the customer to ramp up the motor/log washer and bring it on line without any problems. Simple programming of the EMX3 made start up easy - this log washer start-up was performed by the owner of the company on a weekend day with AuCom providing assistance by phone. It only took a few simple parameter settings to get it up and running.

Topics: Success Stories, Mining & Quarrying, Industry Applications

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