Irrigation Association calls for smarter irrigation citing importance of water and energy efficiency

Posted by AuCom on 8/18/17 10:07 AM

In the United States, irrigated agriculture produces about half of the total value of crop sales despite comprising only 17 percent of U.S. cropland. However, irrigated agriculture also represents the largest share of consumptive water use in the nation. Efficient agricultural irrigation helps to balance the incredible value of irrigated agriculture with the need to be conscious of water use.

- Irrigation Association

The Irrigation Association has recently released a new paper titled Principles of Efficient Agricultural IrrigationThe document discusses the key concepts that users and providers of irrigation need to consider to attain the most energy efficient use of water and energy.

Among other things, the paper highlights the importance of irrigation scheduling. Irrigation scheduling saves water, energy, and ultimately money, and depending on the user's goals can be applied in such a way so as to achieve highest possible yield, optimum yield per unit of water applied, or maximum net return.

Recognizing the importance of saving water, energy and money, all our AuCom EMX4 series soft starters include a smart calendar scheduling feature, allowing you to control your irrigation schedule and get the best return from your water and energy usage, and save you money. Find out more about the AuCom EMX4 series of soft starters.

To read more about irrigation scheduling and the Irrigation Association's other 'Principles of Efficient Agricultural Irrigation', download the paper here, or visit their website.

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