MVS Soft Starter: Features & Accessories



    Interface Features

    The MVS has a large, real-language display, offering extensive feedback and performance information in an easy-to-read format. The controller can be mounted up to 3 metres away from the unit, reducing the need for separate meters and status indicators.

    The MVS stores comprehensive information on the starter's operating history, in separate event and trip logs. Different status screens let you display the information most relevant to your application, or you can configure the programmable monitoring screen to show the information most relevant to your application.


    A wide range of protection features ensure your equipment can operate safely in the most demanding environments. Each protection can be individually adjusted to the required sensitivity, or can be disabled if required to ensure vital equipment continues to operate even in the most challenging situations.

    Trips and warnings are written to an eight-place trip log, together with information on motor and system status at the time, speeding up analysis of problems.


    Installing and commissioning medium voltage equipment can be an involved and complicated process, and may interrupt your normal operation. To minimise the disruption, the MVS incorporates extensive operating simulations and allows the starter to be tested with a low voltage motor, to confirm circuit integrity and identify any errors before full commissioning.

    As well as a comprehensive running simulation, the MVS can simulate each protection to ensure the starter is signalling as expected and interacting correctly with associated equipment.


    The MVS incorporates extra features to ensure personnel safety when working in the dangerous MV environment.

    Air insulation assures long-term reliability, and communication between the low voltage controller and the high voltage power assembly is via fibre-optic cables, for complete electrical isolation.

    Enclosed units designed by AuCom include additional physical isolation and safety interlocks, for maximum safety.



    The MVS integrates into your existing monitoring and control network, using easy-to-install plug-in interfaces. Options are available for DeviceNet, Ethernet/IP, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, Profibus and Profinet.

    Event Logging Software

    AuCom also offers Trip and Event Logger software, which allows you to download the trip and event logs from compatible medium voltage soft starters.