AuCom Switchgear/MCCs

    For a complete customised solution consult AuCom to design, manufacture and commission your next Motor Control Centre.

    MVX lineup.jpg

    Panel range

    AuCom has four ranges of panels according to your requirements, these can be combined or arranged in line-ups according to the site specific requirements.

    • L-Series: Arc proof panel systems
    • C-Series: AuCom standard panel system
    • S-Series: Narrow panel system

    Product range

    Within each panel AuCom offers the following panel types:

    • Soft Starter Panel (SSP)
    • Power Factor Correction Panel (PFP)
    • Incomer Feeder Panel (IFP)
    • Direct Incoming Feeder Panel (DIP)
    • Bus Coupler Panel (BCP)
    • Bus Riser Panel (BRP)
    • Metering Panel/Measurement Panel (MTP)
    • Direct On-line Panel (DOP)
    • Transition Panel (TRP)

    Each of these panels can also be customised with associated options including line and bypass devices (fixed/ withdrawable) contactors, vacuum circuit breakers (VCB), fuses, isolators, earth switch, etc.