The smallest soft starter in the world.

The L-Series MVX soft starter is the smallest medium voltage soft-starter in its class, with a smaller panel footprint than any other MV soft starter in the market today. Space is a big advantage in lowering your switchroom costs and provides more flexibility where space is needed like marine applications.

Current range:   Up to 450 A
Motor connection:   Inline
Rated voltage class:     Up to 15 kV
Mains frequency:   45 Hz to 66 Hz


MVX Medium Voltage Soft Starter Panel

The safest soft starter in the world.

To ensure your staff and plant are safe from arc fault, AuCom L-Series panels are the only choice. The L-Series panel system meets or exceeds all the relevant IEC standards for internal arc fault resistance. L-series MVX panels can even withstand an arc event in one compartment without affecting neighboring compartments. Type tested panels meet Internal arc classification (IAC) AFLR to a maximum of 31.5 ka for 1 second.

MVX Medium Voltage Soft Starter IP00

Easier to service.

AuCom has eliminated complex disassembly to replace or service a part. The L-series MVX panels are designed with easy rack-in, rack-out operation. Components can be inspected through viewing windows and are easily accessible via hinged doors or removable panels, while still keeping unauthorised people out.

MVX Medium Voltage Panel Rack-In Rack-Out Design

More flexibility.

Don't feel constrained in the choice of apparatus in your switchgear, AuCom panels are compatible with all of the major apparatus suppliers.

MVX Medium Voltage Soft Starter Panel Internal

The L-Series MVX soft starter is available in a range of configurations up to rated voltage class 15 kVA and 450 A. AuCom has a full service capability to design and manufacture your entire Motor Control Centre.




电流范围:   高达 450 A
电机连接:   外部
额定电压等级:     高达 15 kV
电源频率:   45 Hz 到 66 Hz



为了确保你方人员和工厂在电弧故障时的安全,奥康L-系列柜体是唯一的选择。L-系列柜体系统的内部电弧故障抵御能力满足或超过了所有相关IEC标准。L-系列MVX柜甚至能够承受一个隔间有电弧而不影响相邻的隔间。经过型式试验的柜体符合内部电弧等级(IAC) AFLR 最大 31.5 kA 每秒.





L-系列MVX软起动器的供货范围可最高配置为额定电压等级的15 kVA 及电流450 A。奥康具有全面的服务能力来设计和制造整个马达控制中心。