Comercel make their mark in Honduras

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Comercel300wide.pngCustomer: Comercel Honduras
Need: A more reliable soft starter solution for customer projects
Solution: Working with AuCom Distributor to source AuCom starters Outcome: Reliable, highly efficient solutions for customers

About Comercel

Established in 2002, Comercel provides electrical equipment and automation solutions for organisations throughout Honduras. Starting with a single location in San Pedro Sula, the company has expanded to a second location in Tegucigalpa as a means to answer the rapidly growing demand the company was facing.

Comercel produce automation solutions for a range of different applications, in industries such as food and beverage, mills, beverage compressors, coffee production, ventilation systems and rotary crushers. Other industries they are heavily involved in include Textiles and Mining.


Existing solutions letting customers down

Comercel were seeing a number of customers coming back to them with failing motor control solutions. The soft starters they were utilising for their solutions were not up to standard, and they were concerned such failings could cost their company thousands of dollars and dearly in reputation.

Needing a reliable soft starter solution to replace the failing alternative, Comercel worked with AuCom distributor Industrial Systems to source a new option. It is through this distributor that Comercel began using the AuCom Soft Starters range.

Initially they were using AuCom for the few solutions that had come back to them but as time wore on, and more solutions were returning to them with soft starter problems, Comercel knew it was time to make a permanent change.

Comercel_EMX3.jpgNow Comercel only use the AuCom product for anything they do. Any repair or replacement part jobs that come through are fitted with a new AuCom soft starter. These are often highly time sensitive projects requiring something to be fitted and wired up in a very short space of time. The AuCom soft starters are a great solution for this as they are easy to install and commission. Comercel also use AuCom as their standard soft starter in new developments or projects they are undertaking.

Giving back to the community

Comercel value the community they are a part of, the ones who have supported them right from the start. It is because of this that they have started training for their customers, helping them understand the components of their application as well as simple troubleshooting options that they can undertake themselves.

This training has provided their customers with a greater level of appreciation for Comercel, as well as a better understanding of the AuCom EMX3 soft starters and how they work. Comercel end user, Roman Rosa explains that “Comercel has trained us on the use and misuse of the equipment, basically, how we can perform excellent installation with all the protection.” He goes on to explain that “what I like about the AuCom Soft Starter EMX3 is the flexibility for the user; the easy way in which we can access each parameter and visualise it on a screen. It saves us a lot of time.”

Commercel_Training_Session.jpgComercel perform 2-4 trainings in San Pedro Sula and the capital city of Tegucigalpa every year. They have noticed that the more the client knows about the product, the less trouble the client has with managing their AuCom Soft Starters. This activity helps Comercel to know more about the client’s issues on motors starting, and helps the distributor, in this case Comercel, to advise the final user on soft starter solutions. At the end of each session the clients and possible clients understand how AuCom soft starters can meet their needs.

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