AuCom and Benshaw merge in new venture

Posted by AuCom on 19/12/19 19:00

We are pleased to announce that AuCom is merging with US based soft start company Benshaw Inc. This merger of two market leading technology experts makes the AuCom/Benshaw operation the world’s largest privately held soft start company. Combining AuCom and Benshaw technologies, as well as each organisation’s already impressive sales and service capabilities, allows us to set the stage for a global business ready for accelerated growth and new product development.

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AuCom StartEd #3 - Motor control for irrigation

Posted by AuCom on 13/12/19 09:44

With the arrival of the dry summer heat comes a heavy reliance on irrigation systems to keep the water flowing where it's needed. Reliable motor control is a vital part of such systems, and users who make the right choice of control solution stand to save money not only by avoiding costly downtime, but through substantial electrical efficiency gains as well.

Motor control plays a key part in the irrigation industry, driving the water pumps that are the foundation of any irrigation system. By understanding all the features and benefits, not only can a correctly applied soft starter protect expensive pumping equipment from damage and early failure, but it can also increase productivity and reduce overall capital costs.

Check out our quick reference guide to identify the key selling points of AuCom soft starters for irrigation applications, from vital protection functions to adaptive starting and intelligent control features.

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AuCom StartEd #2 - Comparing soft starters & VSDs

Posted by AuCom on 04/11/19 15:15

Correct application of soft start and variable speed technology is often poorly understood. Both technologies fulfill their own important yet distinct roles in the field of motor control, and correct selection and application of each is vital in order to realise the full benefit of each and avoid unnecessary expense.

Fixed Speed: Four to One

Sources suggest that nearly 80% of all AC induction motor applications worldwide are in fact fixed speed applications. If an application truly requires speed control, then a variable speed drive is the only choice, however for fixed speed applications, soft starters are typically the ideal selection. Here's three reasons to consider:

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Khalifa International Stadium: Cool under pressure

Posted by AuCom on 10/10/19 13:38

The 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships in Doha, Qatar have just drawn to a close after 10 days of intense competition. The Khalifa International Stadium, the main venue for the event, is home to the world's first stadium air conditioning system, as well as 86 AuCom medium voltage panels. Following this successful event, the stadium is set to host a number of matches during the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup.

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AuCom StartEd #1 - The motor starting challenge

Posted by AuCom on 19/09/19 15:30

Learn more about the challenges and options when it comes to starting electric motors to ensure you select the right solution.

The Motor Starting Challenge

Occupying the unique space between electrical and mechanical, a motor both affects and is affected by the electrical supply and the mechanical process it powers.

A poor motor start can cause any number of the following problems, which can be very costly in terms of both time and money, including excessive voltage drop, high starting current, high mechanical stress, high thermal stress and overload of local generation.

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AuCom MV: Trusted by heavy industry

Posted by AuCom on 15/07/19 14:00

Samsung Heavy Industries, one of the world’s largest shipbuilders – is currently undertaking construction of eight ‘Neo-Panamax’ container shipping vessels that will utilise Samsung’s revolutionary SAVER Air lubrication system.

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IPD: Launching the future of soft start in Australia with AuCom

Posted by AuCom on 24/05/19 09:28

About IPD

IPD has a rich history and a wealth of experience in the Australian market, having served the electrical industry across Australia for more than 60 years. A privately owned company, IPD proudly employs over 160 expert personnel, including an extensive technical sales network and national customer service centre.

IPD have a proven track record and an innovative and extensive range of products ranging from power distribution and protection to control, energy management and renewables. The team at IPD provide added value to customers in Australia with in-house design, estimating and local manufacturing. In addition, they offer a flexible in-house and on-site training program to customers to ensure they get the most out of the products they purchase.

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CSXi: Passing the Toyota test

Posted by AuCom on 21/05/19 13:51

Around the globe, Toyota are well known for being at the forefront of process innovation; setting high standards with a high level of attention to detail. Their newest production facility in the township of Caleras de Amexhe in Guanajuato, México is no exception to this rule. We're proud to say that the AuCom CSXi has passed the Toyota test, with multiple CSXi units already installed at the new facility that is expected to begin full-time production by the end of 2019.

Each vehicle manufactured by Toyota must go through multiple tests before going to the market. One of the most common tests consists of a water shower applied to the outside of the vehicle to verify that there is no ingress of water into the vehicle.

To perform this test, the vehicle is placed in a shower test room which sprays water at constant pressure through a hydraulic spray system divided into three sections: lateral (both sides), upper and lower (as shown in figure 1). Each section has an independent water distribution system, so it is necessary to implement a pumping system for each section.

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