Digging Deep in Russia

Posted by AuCom on 23/06/21 16:28

AuCom are the trusted motor control suppliers for a number of significant players in the Russian mining industry. Our range of reliable, high quality medium voltage soft starters and variable frequency drives are ideally suited to all manner of heavy duty applications prevalent in the mining sector. Here are two companies that trust AuCom for their medium voltage motor control needs:

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AuCom Introduces New European Sales Team

Posted by AuCom on 27/10/20 12:00

Alongside growth in turnover and an increasing demand from European markets, AuCom is taking advantage of this growing market potential with a new, highly competent team that provides market-based support and excellent technical know-how to customers.

Sales Manager Hans Warten (centre) is now supported by Manfred Wigger, Sales Acquisition Manager Europe. The team is completed by Katrin Bolien in the Sales Assistance role. The new team exemplifies our solution-based, customer-oriented strategy, that clearly differentiates the AuCom Europe team from competitors.

Our customer's requirements will always be our focus, whether a simple solution for standardized applications or a system with complex demands.

The global AuCom team stands behind Hans, Manfred and Katrin. We are confident that they will take European market by storm.

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AuCom StartEd #5 - It's All About Water

Posted by AuCom on 05/06/20 10:48

Water is the lifeblood of our civilization; we use 10 billion tons of freshwater on a daily basis worldwide. For cities and townships around the globe, this means transporting and distributing water through vast networks of pipes across wide areas. Such piping infrastructure needs pumps, pumps need motors, and motors need motor controls to keep the lifeblood of civilization flowing.

In 2007, Ankara, capital city of Turkey, experienced a severe water supply crisis as the city grappled with the effects of a sustained drought. The drought placed massive pressure on the city. Many hospitals were forced to cancel non-emergency surgery, restaurants were serving meals on paper plates and offering plastic utensils to reduce dish washing, and the the mayor even asked residents to go on vacation to reduce water use in the city.

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AuCom StartEd #4 - Motor control for HVAC applications

Posted by AuCom on 04/05/20 12:50

The global HVAC industry is expected to grow from USD 202 billion in 2020 to USD 277 billion by 2025, and fixed speed motor controls are a key component of efficient and reliable HVAC systems in a variety of applications.

Did you know that AuCom soft starters play a key role in some of the world's most notable HVAC systems? For example, AuCom MV panels are used to start the motors that power the world's first stadium air conditioning system at the Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar.

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From generation to generation

Posted by AuCom on 11/02/20 14:21

For four decades, AuCom has been developing and manufacturing market leading soft start motor control solutions. The reliability and durability of our products has been a key part of our continued success, and we're always proud to be able to meet, and regularly exceed, our customers' expectations of reliability with each new product generation we release.

RHONA, AuCom's exclusive distributor of low voltage soft starters in Chile, recently installed a new EMX4i advanced series starter at a site that stands as a testament to the reliability and durability of our products. 

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AuCom and Benshaw merge in new venture

Posted by AuCom on 19/12/19 19:00

We are pleased to announce that AuCom is merging with US based soft start company Benshaw Inc. This merger of two market leading technology experts makes the AuCom/Benshaw operation the world’s largest privately held soft start company. Combining AuCom and Benshaw technologies, as well as each organisation’s already impressive sales and service capabilities, allows us to set the stage for a global business ready for accelerated growth and new product development.

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AuCom StartEd #3 - Motor control for irrigation

Posted by AuCom on 13/12/19 09:44

With the arrival of the dry summer heat comes a heavy reliance on irrigation systems to keep the water flowing where it's needed. Reliable motor control is a vital part of such systems, and users who make the right choice of control solution stand to save money not only by avoiding costly downtime, but through substantial electrical efficiency gains as well.

Motor control plays a key part in the irrigation industry, driving the water pumps that are the foundation of any irrigation system. By understanding all the features and benefits, not only can a correctly applied soft starter protect expensive pumping equipment from damage and early failure, but it can also increase productivity and reduce overall capital costs.

Check out our quick reference guide to identify the key selling points of AuCom soft starters for irrigation applications, from vital protection functions to adaptive starting and intelligent control features.

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AuCom StartEd #2 - Comparing soft starters & VSDs

Posted by AuCom on 04/11/19 15:15

Correct application of soft start and variable speed technology is often poorly understood. Both technologies fulfill their own important yet distinct roles in the field of motor control, and correct selection and application of each is vital in order to realise the full benefit of each and avoid unnecessary expense.

Fixed Speed: Four to One

Sources suggest that nearly 80% of all AC induction motor applications worldwide are in fact fixed speed applications. If an application truly requires speed control, then a variable speed drive is the only choice, however for fixed speed applications, soft starters are typically the ideal selection. Here's three reasons to consider:

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