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Soft start provides smoother operation and protection for a wide rage of sawmilling machinery, including bandsaws, circular saws, debarkers, chippers and edgers.

By reducing the start current drawn by sawmilling equipment, the impact on an often limited electrical supply is greatly lessened. Gentle acceleration prevents saw band stretch and misalignment, reducing downtime and improving plant output.

You can find a more detailed overview of the benefits of soft start for the sawmilling industry here.

Product Spotlight

EMX3 soft starter

EMX3 Soft Starter

AuCom's XLR-8 technology lets you take precise control of the motor's stopping time. Shorter stopping times help improve your production efficiency by reducing downtime between operating cycles. Find out more.

Industry Case Studies

Waipa Sawmill

The Waipa Sawmill in New Zealand's Waikato region is one of Australasia’s largest sawmills. The mill operates a wide range of timber processing machinery, including chippers, slabbers, conveyors, debarkers and bandsaws, and sets the industry standard for throughput and processing techniques.

When designing its systems, the company turned to AuCom soft starters to help ensure maximum operating efficiency. Read more

Timber processing in Turkey

Kastamonu Entegre, one of Turkey's leading timber processing firms, installed 76 AuCom IMS2 soft starters as part of a major factory expansion. The plant uses a wide range of machinery, from mills and conveyors to pumps and fans, with motor sizes ranging from 22 kW to 400 kW.

Soft starters provide a range of benefits for the timber processing plant; torque control reduces the level of vibration from fans while starting, while soft starting the conveyors reduces product damage during the manufacturing process. Read more


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