Building Services

Building Services

Soft start provides smoother operation and protection for compressor, escalator, fan, pump, and travellator applications.

In addition to reducing a building's impact on the electrical supply by reducing equipment start current, more advanced features allow safe use of a motor's full capacity within a system and can prevent damage resulting from reverse operation.

You can find more detail concerning the benefits of soft start for the building services industry here.

Product Spotlight

CSXi soft starter range

CSXi Compact Soft Starter

CSXi compact soft starters are a comprehensive motor starting and protection solution. Their small size and integrated bypass relays make installation easy, and allow the soft starter to fit in compact enclosures with limited ventilation. Rotary switches simplify configuration, and remote display and communication options allow trouble-free integration into common control networks. Find out more.

Industry Case Studies

Mirae Asset Tower Shanghai

Located only a block from AuCom’s China office in Shanghai, engineers at China's impressive Mirae Asset Tower selected CSXi soft starters for their pumps and fans to protect motors from mechanical and electrical stress.

The project had a range of applications with 32 motors for pumps and fans (22, 30, 37, 40, 55, 60, 90 kW), so having the same starter across all applications was important for training and maintenance.

Sanch Electric and AuCom’s Tommy Ma were able to provide advice to the Mirae Asset Tower site engineers to match the application and load on the pumps and fans with the relevant soft starter.

Safety and reliable performance are mandatory for the customer, but there are benefits for others involved in the installation. AuCom’s soft starters are easy to operate and set up, so installers can have a fast commissioning without a large investment in learning its operation. The small overall size contributed to a neat and tidy installation. Read more

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