Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Soft start provides a number of benefits to motor driven systems in the food & beverage industry, including:

  • Control of infeed conveyor speed based on motor loading

  • Reduced mechanical stress during start

  • The ability to ride through operating overloads eg large bones or frozen goods

  • Preventing damage from jammed loads

To see a detailed breakdown of the applications that can benefit from soft start, take a look at our infographic here.

Product Spotlight

CSXi soft starter range

CSXi Compact Soft Starter

CSXi compact soft starters are a comprehensive motor starting and protection solution. Their small size and integrated bypass relays make installation easy, and allow the soft starter to fit in compact enclosures with limited ventilation. Rotary switches simplify configuration, and remote display and communication options allow trouble-free integration into common control networks. Find out more.


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Get Your Motor Running

The starting function of motors is often misunderstood, impacting motor performance and compromising energy efficiency.

The Get Your Motor Running series of technical white papers provides a detailed introduction to the theory of starting motors, based on the work of electronics design expert Mark Empson, co-founder of AuCom Electronics. Read more

Where Do I Start?: Technical tips for selecting the ideal soft start solution.

Where Do I Start?

We get lots of questions regarding how to select and implement the best soft start solution.

In our 'Where Do I Start?' eBook we've compiled the answers to a number of the most common topics. Read more

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