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Soft start control provides multiple very significant benefits for pumping applications in the irrigation industry, including:

  • Prevention of water hammer, prolonging the life of pumps, pipes, valves and headworks

  • Minimised pressure surges within pumping systems

  • The ability to start additional pumps using the existing electrical supply capacity

  • Intelligent control of the entire system, including the option to specify start and stop times

For a complete list of benefits, see our infographic here.

Product Spotlight

EMX4 soft starter range

EMX4 Soft Starter

The EMX4i Soft Starter sets new standards for soft start technology. The EMX4i is not only smaller, more powerful and packed with new control and protection features, it also introduces the gamechanging Smart Card capability. EMX4 starters fitted with Pumping Smart Cards are providing farmers with improved control of their spray irrigation. Find out more.

Industry Case Studies

Rice field irrigation in Brazil

Brazil has approximately 3.5 million ha of land where irrigation is used, with a large proportion of that land used to grow rice and grain crops. It is estimated that by 2035 an additional 116 million tons of rice will need to be produced to make global demand. Brazil and surrounding South American countries like Uruguay have been increasing production rates with the aid of agricultural technology such as irrigation.

Motronics, Brazilian distributor of AuCom products, recently installed five AuCom compact CSXi soft starters, controlled by a mini PLC, to help with irrigation flow control for a rice farming client on the border of Brazil and Uraguay. Read more

Pastoral irrigation in New Zealand

As dairy conversions spread across the New Zealand countryside, the irrigation of pasture is increasing. Robindale Dairy Farm in Canterbury is one of many sites using AuCom soft starters to ensure optimal operation of their irrigation system.

Robindale operates two giant centre pivot irrigators, each covering a 1.8 kilometre circle of prime pasture and taking 32 hours to complete one circuit.

The system was designed and commissioned by Gary Roxburgh of Nairn Electrical. Gary has installed hundreds of soft starters into irrigation systems since 1991, and he prefers to use AuCom products because of the advanced features which ensure safe and trouble-free operation of the system. Read more

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