Mining & Quarrying

Mining & Quarrying

Soft start offers a wide range of benefits for applications in the mining, quarrying and metals industry.

Features such as undercurrent/overload monitoring and instantaneous overcurrent protect equipment, preventing costly downtime and repairs, while reduced current start limits stress on the electrical supply.

For a more detailed breakdown of the advantages soft start provides for the following applications, see our infographic here:

  • Auger

  • Blower

  • Compressor

  • Conveyor

  • Crusher

  • Hydraulic power pack

  • Mill

  • Pump

  • Vibrating screen

Product Spotlight

MVE L-Series Soft Starter Panel

MVE Soft Starter

In the heavy-duty world of mining, soft starters can make a huge difference to the operating life of your equipment. From crushers and mills to conveyors and pumps, AuCom soft starters have helped improve production efficiencies at mining facilities throughout the world. Find out more

Industry Case Studies

Tajikistan Aluminium Company

TALCO is Tajikistan’s most important industrial operation, but reliability problems with the ball mills at the Tursunzade facility were incurring maintenance costs and reducing productivity. Working closely with technical experts from AuCom, TALCO installed an MVS soft starter and have improved not only productivity and reliability, but have also improved the mill’s operation. Read more

Chuquicamata acid pipeline

Northern Chile is home to some of largest copper mines in the world, but the desert conditions, high altitude and extreme temperatures make road transport extremely dangerous. AuCom soft starters have enabled key materials to be exchanged between mines through pipelines, improving efficiency, reducing road traffic and avoiding accidents.

Sulfuric acid is used during the processing of copper ore, and is also a by-product of the processing. It is common for one mine to have an excess of the acid while another mine has a shortage, so the product is often shared between locations.

Previously, 25 heavy trucks travelled the roads between the Chuquicamata and Rodomiro Tomic mines every day, laden with their dangerous cargo. Read more

Cape Gate wire draw plant

Cape Gate (Pty) is South Africa's largest producer of wire products, manufacturing a wide range of wire products for one of the world's most demanding industrial markets. Every machine in Cape Gate's Vanderbijlpark manufacturing plant must run at maximum efficiency and reliability to produce the high quality products the company is famous for, and this is why Cape Gate chose to install AuCom CSXi soft starters on its production lines. Read more

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