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Posted by AuCom on 11/02/20 14:21

For four decades, AuCom has been developing and manufacturing market leading soft start motor control solutions. The reliability and durability of our products has been a key part of our continued success, and we're always proud to be able to meet, and regularly exceed, our customers' expectations of reliability with each new product generation we release.

RHONA, AuCom's exclusive distributor of low voltage soft starters in Chile, recently installed a new EMX4i advanced series starter at a site that stands as a testament to the reliability and durability of our products. 

Running in concert with several AuCom EMX3 and IMS2 units installed over the past 8 years, the EMX4i controls two 200 HP motors powering a crusher at the Inversiones Tabolango S.A. aggregate plant in Tabolango, Chile.

The plant produces and sells arid materials for construction, and employs five crushers controlled by AuCom starters to meet daily demand. 

Inversiones Tabolango S.A. is incredibly satisfied with the performance of AuCom starters. "We've seen excellent results, protecting our motors and thereby improving their performance and useful life. AuCom starters are 100% recommended. We're also very happy with the local support provided by RHONA in Chile."

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