AuCom was established in 1978 to design and manufacture a top end range of stereo amplifiers. The name AuCom originates from the combination 'Au' for audio, and 'Com' for communication. The two founders were brought together by their mutual interest in amateur radio and appreciation of music.  Mark Empson was the electronics design expert and Ray Archer the business partner with entrepreneurial skills. 

As well as amplifiers, AuCom was also involved in the design of power supplies for radio broadcast systems, taxi alarms and energy saving devices for single phase and three phase ac induction motors. These energy saving devices were manufactured under a license agreement with the American space agency, NASA.  From here the electronic soft starter technology was born and this became the main focus of the company who produced the world’s first range of commercially viable soft starters.

In December 2019, AuCom became a member of the Benshaw group of companies. This merger of two market leading technology experts makes the AuCom/Benshaw operation the world’s largest privately held soft start company. Combining AuCom and Benshaw technologies, as well as each organisation’s already impressive sales and service capabilities, has set the stage for a global business ready for accelerated growth and new product development for years to come.