Customer Testimonials

Every soft start has different algorithms these days, but the AuCom product seems to be able to handle both variable and constant torque loads with ease.  So far AuCom is the only product that I have had no unexpected failures with, and as best I can recall my oldest is about 15 years old.” 

It also seems to me that the build quality of the AuCom is better -- the data gathering is fantastic too.  In cold climate pumping conditions our customers have reported a major decline in water main breaks. Given that one break could cost $7,000 or more anything that mitigates these - particularly in an era of aging infrastructure - is an oft overlooked but major benefit.”

Roger Olsen, CTW Corporation


"Great service from start to finish to get our customer up and running. This is precisely why we made the switch to AuCom."

Rod Chitko (Vice President), Cleereman Industries