AuCom StartEd #3 - Motor control for irrigation

Posted by AuCom on 13/12/19 09:44

With the arrival of the dry summer heat comes a heavy reliance on irrigation systems to keep the water flowing where it's needed. Reliable motor control is a vital part of such systems, and users who make the right choice of control solution stand to save money not only by avoiding costly downtime, but through substantial electrical efficiency gains as well.

Motor control plays a key part in the irrigation industry, driving the water pumps that are the foundation of any irrigation system. By understanding all the features and benefits, not only can a correctly applied soft starter protect expensive pumping equipment from damage and early failure, but it can also increase productivity and reduce overall capital costs.

Check out our quick reference guide to identify the key selling points of AuCom soft starters for irrigation applications, from vital protection functions to adaptive starting and intelligent control features.

Comms-insertion-01Product Feature: Pumping Smart Card

Installing a pumping smart card allows applicable sensors to be directly connected to the EMX4. This removes the need for extra components normally required to provide this level of specific information and control for pumping systems, not only saving valuable space inside panels, but money as well.


Channel TunnelCase Study: Dewatering the Channel Tunnel

After more than 40 years in business, AuCom has rich and detailed experience in the application of soft start and motor control for pumping applications worldwide. Since the 1990's, AuCom soft starters have been used to drain water from the channel tunnel linking the UK and Europe.


GeneratorSolving Problems: Starting Motors on Generator Sets

Electric motors often comprise a significant portion of a generator's loading. Managing the temporary overloads associated with starting these motors is an important consideration, and selecting the appropriate starting solution is a key component in optimal generator sizing. 


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