AuCom StartEd #5 - It's All About Water

Posted by AuCom on 05/06/20 10:48

Water is the lifeblood of our civilization; we use 10 billion tons of freshwater on a daily basis worldwide. For cities and townships around the globe, this means transporting and distributing water through vast networks of pipes across wide areas. Such piping infrastructure needs pumps, pumps need motors, and motors need motor controls to keep the lifeblood of civilization flowing.

In 2007, Ankara, capital city of Turkey, experienced a severe water supply crisis as the city grappled with the effects of a sustained drought. The drought placed massive pressure on the city. Many hospitals were forced to cancel non-emergency surgery, restaurants were serving meals on paper plates and offering plastic utensils to reduce dish washing, and the the mayor even asked residents to go on vacation to reduce water use in the city.

Ultimately, the crisis was averted by the construction of infrastructure to support an emergency water supply from the River Kizilirmak to Ankara’s five million residents. To control the large pumps - a key component of this infrastructure solution - AuCom worked closely with Ankara Water Works (ASKI) and the contractor Ankara Beton, mindful of the tight deadlines, to provide a reliable and robust medium voltage soft starter solution.


EMX4i Family

Product Release: EMX4 Extended Range

The EMX4 extended range is now available to order, with models rated up to 1250 A (internally bypassed models) or 1220 A (continuous operation models). Refer to the updated EMX4 brochure for full ratings and feature tables.


Green PumpProduct Feature: EMX4i Pump Clean Cycle

EMX4i starters offer a pump clean cycle (a series of shirt reverse then forward sprints, before a normal forward start) to clear debris from pumps in wastewater applications.


Mobile StoresSolving Problems: AuCom Pocket Technician

Easily retrieve useful data from EMX4 soft starters to help diagnose problems. Review the information yourself or share it with AuCom support - all at the click of a button.


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