AuCom StartEd #4 - Motor control for HVAC applications

Posted by AuCom on 04/05/20 12:50

The global HVAC industry is expected to grow from USD 202 billion in 2020 to USD 277 billion by 2025, and fixed speed motor controls are a key component of efficient and reliable HVAC systems in a variety of applications.

Did you know that AuCom soft starters play a key role in some of the world's most notable HVAC systems? For example, AuCom MV panels are used to start the motors that power the world's first stadium air conditioning system at the Khalifa International Stadium in Qatar.

Set to host a number of matches during the upcoming 2022 FIFA World Cup. The air conditioning system at the 40,000 seat stadium keeps conditions cool for athletes and spectators alike, as the desert heat swelters outside (the average high in October is 36 degrees Celsius). Read the full case study here.

FANProduct Feature: Forward / Reverse Control

The EMX4 series reversing contactor control saves time and money during installation for applications such as fans that require both forward and reverse operation.  By integrating the switching control logic required to reliably operate the forward / reverse contactors into the EMX4 soft starter, the need for additional relays and timers is removed. 

This also means that the change in motor direction can be performed with the added benefit of other key soft start advantages, such as a reduction in mechanical shock and motor protections. If the motor is already rotating in one direction before a change of direction is required, the EMX4 effectively applies a "soft brake" to the rotating motor before switching the direction, all with the convenience of a single command.

Tramway ThumbCase Study: Nice Tramway Tunnel Ventilation

Twenty two EMX4e soft starters  are responsible for the control of ventilation fans in the 3.2 km stretch of the new Line 2 Ouest-Est (T2) section of the Nice Tramway.


HVAC MatrixSolving Problems: Soft Start Benefits for HVAC Applications

Soft starters offer a range of benefits for applications in the HVAC industry, including fans and compressors to protect equipment and ensure smooth operation of key systems. 


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