CAPIEL details the importance of a system approach to energy saving

Posted by AuCom on 19/01/15 11:22

CAPIEL have released their new position paper which details the importance of a system approach to energy saving: Ecodesign Requirements for Electric Motors - Towards a System-Approach

The brochure discusses the value of matching the motor and control method to the actual application needs, and provides some interesting statistics regarding energy usage and the application of electric motors.

Notably, CAPIEL point out that 80% of electric motor applications are in reality fixed speed applications, and assert that “motor starters are the most energy-efficient solution for fixed-speed applications”.  Mistakenly using VSD control with fixed speed applications will increase energy usage. In fact, a “VSD if incorrectly fitted can result in an energy efficiency loss equivalent to twice the potential gain from IE2 to IE3”.

To achieve greater levels of energy saving follow the following guidelines:

  • Analyse the overall system design, process needs and life cycle costs.
  • Use an IE3 motor instead of an IE2 motor to save energy, whatever the motor control method.
  • Use a bypassed soft starter for fixed speed applications.
  • Only use a variable speed drive when there is a genuine need for its functionality. 

If you’re interested in further reading, other resources including alternate language versions of the paper can be found here: CAPIEL Position Paper & Other Information.

Topics: Soft Start Control, System Design, Energy Efficiency

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