How much start current do I need?

Posted by AuCom on 05/02/19 15:25

Knowledge of expected motor start current and start duration is an important part of designing a functional and efficient system, especially when there are limitations to the electrical supply.

Consider, for example, a generator set application. Electric motors often comprise a significant portion of a generators loading, and managing the temporary yet sizable overloads associated with starting these motors is an important consideration. In such a situation it is important not only to select an appropriate motor starting solution, but also to understand the current demands of the motor(s) during start and how these demands impact generator sizing.

Understanding required starting current for your application is important, and we want to help you get it Right form the Start. AuCom can provide a free report that comprehensively details the minimum start current requirement for your unique application. You can request your free, no obligation report here.

If you'd like to read more about selecting the appropriate starting solution for a generator set application, read our free white paper Starting Motors on Generator Sets.

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