Case Study: Uptown Mirdiff Mall Cooling 

With a wide range of shops, restaurants, cafes and essential services, Dubai’s Uptown Mirdiff mall is a core component of the Mirdiff community.  In a city with an average high temperature of around 41 °C (106 °F), cooling and air conditioning are crucial for keeping visitors comfortable in any public space. To this end, Uptown Mirdiff relies upon a 4,800 ton capacity cooling plant known as EMICOOL – DCP 10.


Built and maintained by local district cooling provider EMICOOL, the plant began having issues with a Benshaw soft starter supplied along with one of the installation’s Carrier chillers. Commissioned in 2007, the starter was having issues with communications and providing false alarms and trips. To resolve their issues, EMICOOL worked with the switchgear division of SEG (Safety Electrical Group, AuCom’s authorised distributor in the region) to install and commission a new EMX3-1000B-V4 soft starter with internal bypass.

MIrdiff Benshaw.jpg   Mirdiff EMX3.jpg
 Old Benshaw Starter (Before)    AuCom EMX3 Retrofit (After)

After winning the project against other global brands including Emerson, Schneider and Eaton, SEG worked to remove the existing faulty starter, install and commission an entirely new soft starter panel including an AuCom EMX3 soft starter and fix the issues with the associated Benshaw ISM panel, all in less than three weeks. With the new AuCom EMX3 soft starter installed and some re-engineering and re-cabling of the ISM panel, the chiller and starter are now operating without issue. EMICOOL are very pleased with the result, and SEG expect to replace the remaining three Benshaw starters with AuCom EMX3’s in the near future.