MVH2.0: Key Facts

MVH2.0 – Not different, just better

Medium voltage drive: reliable, flexible, cost-saving

As of now, there is a frequency drive that delivers what it promises: The MVH2.0 from AuCom combines all the requirements of a smart medium-voltage drive - from simple configuration to intelligent data analysis even for use in extremely challenging industrial applications. The MVH2.0 ensures a significant increase in productivity and energy efficiency. A frequency drive that makes the difference. That's AuCom: not different, just better!

Increase your productivity!

  • wide power range from 315 kW to 25,000 kW and 2.3 kV to 13.8 kV for use in all conceivable industrial applications
  • precise and intuitive control settings via the 10.2" TFT LCD touch screen for optimal motor utilization
  • easy monitoring of all power inputs and factors
  • cloud-based access for real-time data analysis

Reduce the costs!

  • pre-installed standard functionalities cover numerous industrial applications
  • easy scalability for all required voltage and output powers
  • parallel control of multiple motors
  • compact design reduces space requirements
  • optimal protection against harmonics and voltage loads extends motor operating life and increases system throughput

MVH2.0- the better choice! 

  • for synchronous, asynchronous and permanent magnet motors
  • air- or water-cooled control cabinets
  • numerous intelligent features like 
  • Motor control with double winding
  • Torque amplification
  • Flying/Speed Start
  • Auto-Start on release
  • Synchronous switching
  • Master-Slave control

Convince yourself of the performance of the MVH2.0 and make an appointment with one of our specialists.