Project Solutions

AuCom designs and delivers reliable, tested, quality solutions specifically crafted to your application. Whether you have a single motor, major project or are integrating a motor starting product into your own product range, your AuCom sales engineer can help.

We have a complete design, manufacturing and commissioning capability in-house to create a customised solution. Your AuCom sales and project engineers will communicate the details of your project throughout the specification and manufacturing stages. We can also support you after the installation of your project.

If you are an OEM, we can cater for your needs of a highly reliable product that adds value to your overall package for the end user.

MVE L-Series Medium Voltage Soft Starter Panel

Among the more common requests are:

Motor Starting Options

  • Soft Starters
  • DOL starters

Panel Options

  • IEC type tested panels (L-series and M-series panels)AuCom Medium Voltage Panel Lineup
  • NEMA panels (P-series panels)

Configured Solutions

  • Buswork (Bus coupler, bus riser etc)
  • Transformer panels
  • Capacitor switching
  • Transition panels
  • Incomer panel
  • Power factor correction panel
  • Feeder (for transformer, disconnection etc) 
  • Multi-start applications

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