Projects: Commissioning

Site Survey

During the building design phase, we can provide clear guidance to ensure the necessary room is allowed for equipment. Before starting one of our sales engineers can visit your prospective project site and complete a site survey. Other benefits include providing personnel safety and critical equipment security.


In order to ensure that your first start goes smoothly and without issues, AuCom offers on-site commissioning support. We can direct commissioning of your project with a visit from experienced and qualified AuCom Engineers. Our team has experience in both applications and motor starting to ensure a successful commissioning. This service is normally agreed as part of the supply contract or can be quoted separately. We will ensure that you experience a successful first start that protects your critical equipment. This will shorten the commissioning time, avoid any problems if they occur and allow your team to focus on what they do best.

Commissioning Process

AuCom will:

  • Inspect the site to ensure that installers have set up the motor starting equipment correctly
  • Ensure cabling is sufficient in capacity and insulation resistance
  • Check motor starter inputs and outputs
  • Perform low voltage simulation (where appropriate)
  • Conduct user guidance
  • Provide a written commissioning report (including original parameter settings). AuCom will also retain a copy of this report for your future reference if requested
  • Provide maintenance and operator staff training
  • Other services as required may be requested and quoted by AuCom
  • Please note that AuCom requires commissioning appointments to be agreed at the point of signing the contract.  The customer should ensure all required equipment is installed and supply voltage is ready.

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