AuCom StartEd #1 - The motor starting challenge

Posted by AuCom on 19/09/19 15:30

Learn more about the challenges and options when it comes to starting electric motors to ensure you select the right solution.

The Motor Starting Challenge

Occupying the unique space between electrical and mechanical, a motor both affects and is affected by the electrical supply and the mechanical process it powers.

A poor motor start can cause any number of the following problems, which can be very costly in terms of both time and money, including excessive voltage drop, high starting current, high mechanical stress, high thermal stress and overload of local generation.

Learn how to overcome these motor starting challenges in Part 3 of our Get Your Motor Running white paper - 'Motor Starting Solutions'.

Green PumpProduct Feature: Pump Clean

The EMX4i can perform a pump clean function before soft starting the motor. This function can help dislodge debris from the impeller and is especially useful in wastewater/slurry pumping applications.


CSXi Soft StarterCase Study: Municipal Water

All across the globe, local municipalities trust AuCom soft starters to supply clean water throughout cities and rural regions alike, resolving water hammer issues and minimising voltage disturbances.


Pump StationSolving Problems: Water Hammer

Using an adaptive control start, an EMX4 series soft starter dynamically adjusts the current in order to start the motor within a specified time, eliminating water hammer and its damaging consequences.


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