Comercel make their mark in Honduras

Posted by AuCom on 17/11/16 14:45

Comercel300wide.pngCustomer: Comercel Honduras
Need: A more reliable soft starter solution for customer projects
Solution: Working with AuCom Distributor to source AuCom starters Outcome: Reliable, highly efficient solutions for customers

About Comercel

Established in 2002, Comercel provides electrical equipment and automation solutions for organisations throughout Honduras. Starting with a single location in San Pedro Sula, the company has expanded to a second location in Tegucigalpa as a means to answer the rapidly growing demand the company was facing.

Comercel produce automation solutions for a range of different applications, in industries such as food and beverage, mills, beverage compressors, coffee production, ventilation systems and rotary crushers. Other industries they are heavily involved in include Textiles and Mining.

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RHONA extend their world with AuCom partnership

Posted by AuCom on 21/07/16 10:19

RHONA logo large.jpg“While the features, innovations, reliability, pricing and delivery times of AuCom products are the key factors to RHONA building successful customer relationships, it is AuCom’s focus on providing the right level of support to RHONA that makes the difference,” - Pablo Neuweiler, Manager of the Commercial Division at RHONA.

Customer: RHONA
Need: A trusted partner to supply quality soft starter products
Solution: RHONA partners with AuCom to supply Chile with reliable soft starter products and support
Outcome: A strong, mutually beneficial partnership


Established in 1943, RHONA has established itself as one of Chile’s top electrical equipment and solutions providers. RHONA is the largest power transformers manufacturer in Chile. It has grown to a team of more than 400 people, spread across six locations.

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Topics: Distributor Spotlight

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