CSX Soft Starter: Features & Accessories

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Compact size

The CSX is a compact and lightweight unit, so it is suitable for installation in small spaces and is the ideal replacement for older starters.

Easy-to-use adjustments

The CSX is easy to configure, with three simple adjustments. Select the initial start voltage, start ramp time and stop ramp time (if required), and the starter is ready to go. Rotary dials allow reliable, repeatable confguration with no need to navigate through a menu and no difficult-to-use dip switches.

Integrated bypass contactors

Integrated bypass contactors simplify installation by reducing the need to select and connect additional equipment. Because the contactors are already contained within the starter, the overall size of the installation is also smaller. Bypassing the starter while the motor is running reduces the amount of heating, so the starter can usually be installed with no additional ventilation.



CSXi soft starters integrate into your existing DeviceNet, Modbus, Profibus or Ethernet network using easy-to-install plug-in communication interfaces. The optional remote operator can be installed to provide remote feedback, including current, temperature and starter status.

Finger Guards

For enhanced personnel safety and protection, AuCom has developed insulating finger guards, which install quickly and easily onto 75 kW ~ 110 kW CSX Series units to provide IP20 protection.