M-Series MVE IEC Style Panel Solution


IEC style soft starter panels.

The M-Series MVE medium voltage soft starter is an integrated solution for motor control and protection. M-Series MVE starters combine advanced soft start and soft stop functionality with extensive motor and system protection, plus a user friendly interface and complete commissioning diagnostics.


Quality construction.

The M-Series enclosure is made of corrosion resistant hot dip galvanised steel sheets. Its design allows fast assembly with bolts only. No welding, balancing, grinding or cleansing is necessary, and no jigs are required for assembly.

M-Series panels use a combination of air and GP03 insulation to ensure the safety of personnel working in the MV environment.


Key design features:

  • Top or bottom cable input and control wiring
  • Front and rear panel access
  • Safe operation with separate galvanically isolated low voltage section (via AuCom's advanced IBT technology)
  • Corrosion resistant hot-dip galvanised steel sheets
  • Available in both stand-alone and line-up configuration
  • Vacuum contactor or vacuum circuit breaker switching options

Easy to service.

The MVE power section's modular design simplifies the disassembly process, making servicing much easier. Each phase arm is separate and can be individually removed for maintenance if required. AuCom supplies a purpose-built lifting tool to make phase arm installation safe and easy.