EMX3: Ideal Applications

Low inertia loads - pumping or conveyors

XLR-8 provides precise control over soft stopping and is ideal for applications requiring a smoother soft stop. XLR-8 is ideal for low inertia loads such as conveyors. In pumping applications, the EMX3 can eliminate or substantially reduce the effects of water hammer - such as damage to pipes and check valves.

High inertia loads - Circular saws, ball mills

For high inertia loads, XLR-8 lets you take precise control over the motor's stopping time. Shorter stopping times help improve your production efficiency by reducing downtime between operating cycles.

Other applications that benefit from the EMX3 include:

  • Pumping (e.g. high head applications)
  • Compressors (for optimising blade control)
  • Bandsaws (easy blade alignment)
  • Irrigators (built-in timer)