EMX4: Application Examples

Start Pumping Smart

Installing the Pumping Smart Card allows applicable sensors to be directly connected to the EMX4. This removes the need for extra components normally required to provide this level of specific information and control for your system.

Banishing Water Hammer

There are multiple causes of water hammer and each pump system has unique characteristics. For these  reasons, ensuring a pump system is  free of water hammer can be a complicated task.

Pumping engineers around the world are relying on AuCom’s unique XLR-8 technology to help tune pump starting and stopping for optimal results. XLR-8 provides a choice of ramp profiles to  deal with the different causes of water  hammer. So whether you are trying to prevent rapid changes in flow rate, flow direction, or water column separation  and closure, XLR-8 puts the right start  and stop profile at your fingertips.

Conveyor Control

An energy audit of a quarry identified a VSD controlled 132 kW conveyor that always operated at full speed. An EMX4 Soft Starter offered this fixed speed application savings of > €1,750 p.a. as well as a reduction in site harmonics.

Correctly identifying this conveyor as a fixed speed application at installation would have substantially reduced the capital costs. Using an EMX4 with a fixed speed application delivers superior acceleration and deceleration performance, advanced motor protection and communications functions.

Spray Irrigation

EMX4 starters fitted with Pumping Smart Cards are providing farmers with improved control of their spray irrigation.

  • Built in timers and scheduling functions enable operation to be tailored to match water restrictions and optimal electrical tariffs. 
  • Travel to the pump shed is reduced by the Sleep Mode and Automatic Restart functions. These automatically restart operation after irrigators are shifted or temporary electrical disturbances interrupt irrigation.
  • All this and more without the cost and complexity of separate control logic and wiring.