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Select a starter, diagnose issues and get support from the palm of your hand with the AuCom Start Here mobile app.

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Using the QuickPick feature of the Start Here app, enter the details of your application to get an instant model recommendation and an accompanying data sheet.

Ready to place an order? The Start Here app allows you to quickly and easily send a quote request with the details of your application to your local AuCom distributor.

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By scanning the dynamic QR codes generated by AuCom soft starters, the Start Here lets you access starter details and comprehensive data related to the last three trip events. This data is available in a highly readable and easily sharable format right in the palm of your hand.

Need further support? Send the QR data to your nearest support technician or AuCom office with the push of a button.


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Prefer to help yourself? The Start Here app links directly to the library of product manuals and support resources on our website so that you have easy access to the information you need, when and where you need it.



Connecting with the right people is super simple. Details for your local AuCom distributor and nearest AuCom office are store in the in-app database. There's even a section for you to store contact details for your installer or a designated contact person for safekeeping and easy sharing of QR code data.



The app also includes a range of other tools to make your life easier. Motor FLC and enclosure ventilation calculators let you make quick calculations on the go.

Ventilation calculator

Available for both iOS and Android

The AuCom Start Here app is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. Download it today from the App Store and Google Play!

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